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Insight of Online Orm

On this blog, We are discussing Online Orm that stands for online reputation management.

which is a set of services executed in a way to correct the public perception of any individual or company either defamed or looking forward to building a strong online presence.

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The Need

The Need and the Urgency of Online orm

Have you ever Google’ed yourself ? what first 10 or 20 search results say about you. Are they relevant to your search query?

If the search query is about your business then, ain’t you finding everything which is in-lined about your business?

Have you found any listing or search result which represents outdated or misleading information about your business?

If your answer is “YES” then you need what is called online ORM.

Self Handling Online ORM

Manage your online reputation needs an in-depth knowledge of the process

What appears online about you or your business is a collection of information either posted by you or business directories or social media profiles that share data with similar kinds of sites.

But we highly advocate that everyone should handle their own online orm.

There are immense benefits of handling everything in-house or personally.

first of all, you are the key source of information and nobody knows anything more about you or your business than you.

Secondly, if you are super conscious then you can end up building a strong web presence utilizing social media platforms and business directories & review sites.

Online ORM – Basic Guide

Here are the most commonly opted online orm methods that you can incorporate

Self-managing the entire process of managing the reputation online management in-house or personally is very easy.

  • Acquire Social Media Accounts

The first step towards self-managing the online orm can be to make sure you acquire social media accounts with the exact person or business name.

For example on Facebook – You can acquire the Facebook page URL as

The above underlined part of the URL is called the Slug, which stands the most important factor in ranking the particular social media account on search results.

  • Business Directories

If you are trying to improve the online orm of your business then it’s highly recommended that you should use business directories. Some of them are Yelp, Angie list, Google My Business, Manta, etc

  • Top level domain

We always advocate on acquiring the top-level domain names with either your name or your company or brand name. Process at-least secures from misuse & further helps with dominating the search results with a brand or personal name search results.

  • Press Release

One of the most old schools and a good way to establish a strong web presence is to include press release distribution in your online orm process.

A wide range of brand or personal presence over authoritative news or niche-specific sites gives an additional value to your search brand presence.

  • Search Engine Monitoring

We always recommend our clients signup with Google alerts which is a free search monitoring tool. What it does it send you an email or notification as soon as Google crawls any content that has your brand or personal or whatever keyword for which you have set the Google alert.

This service is not only for online orm but for checking if someone is using your trademark or brand name without your permission.

Hiring Online ORM Firm

How to hire a reputation management company, Here are some checklist

The most important question that what you must see in any reputation management India firm before taking your hiring decisions. As the market is filled with companies who claim from complete removal or suppression of defamatory content within hrs to days.

First of all, this is required to be understood that every defamatory or controversial content cannot be removed from the internet completely as there are some websites that are protected under the Communication Decency Act.

Sometimes people fall for low priced online orm services and end up getting scammed. In our personal opinion, any online orm campaign that claims to complete the service under one thousand dollars is a scam.

The other best way to examine any firm who claims to perform the online orm job is by asking them to provide some realistic before and after search results or client.

These firms can ask you to sign any NDA but for the sake of saving your hard-earned money you must investigate before hiring them.

Why You Hire US

Here are some strong reasons which makes us the most eligible choice for your online orm needs

Remove negative google search results is a part of an online orm firm which has successfully either suppressed multiple defamatory listings for our clients’ based world wide.

We usually don’t have faith in removing the defamatory listings from Google search results as few websites have opted to re-posting old Content on the new URL method.

Where even after having a court order submitted to Google for de-indexing the problem remains persistent on Search Results.

We believe in the philosophy of controlling what appears online for at least the first 2 pages of a personal name or brand name search results.

This type of online orm process helps you serving what you want others to read about you online. Whereas the defamatory content suppresses to deep down search results pages.

Please note that our process takes time and we believe in serving orm results that last longer and therefore a campaign takes atleast 4-6 months time.

As far as the pricing is been concern, we are available for an starting pricing of $5000 monthly depending on the urgency, defaming site, time of posting, what you have done so far & what online orm solutions needs to be incorporated.

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