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Remove Negative Google Search Results

Important Disclaimer – First of all, Conducting the entire process to remove negative google search results needs an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization.

A basic understanding of developing blogs & acquiring domain names.

Even though the success of having negative google search results removed varies as the success parameter relies on how the entire process is executed.

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How To Bury Or Push Down Negative Google Search Results, But Wait ..Read this first

Before we teach you the process to remove negative Google search results. The entire prevention process can be avoided if precautions are perfectly executed.

Google is the first choice to check the credibility score of any company, Person, Product,Service or site owner.

The appearance of negative or defamatory search engine results within the first 20 search results is a sign of a badly managed web presence.

This is similar to having a poor front gate installed in front of your house that isn’t tough enough to keep your house protected from intruders.

In this blog post, We will teach you how to keep your online presence strong enough & push down the negative result to control what appears on Google for your personal and brand name searches.

Register Top Level Domains

This is the first step of taking your business online and it is also very important for the process to remove negative google search results.

If you are someone, who has just started a business or an existing old business who is expanding its operation online. 

Then the first step you need to perform is to acquire your brand name across all TLDs (top-level domain) & social media platforms.

Domains are the web address of your company’s website on the internet which is also known as the URL. For example –

All you will be required to register all the top-level domains with your company name. For example, if your company name is Google then you will need to acquire all top-level domains like .COM/.NET/.ORG

Why it is important to Acquire top Level Domains

Domain with your business name is your asset online. Acquiring all the top-level domains with your brand name will ensure that nobody else will have the access or opportunity to book them that further protects you from the misuse of them.

This further acts like a shield to protect your business online & help to execute the process to remove negative google search results.

How Can someone else misuse your domains

This is a crucial process, read this part of the blog post where most of our clients messed up when they approach us to remove negative google search results.

Imagine this situation, You have a very good brand. You fired an employee, who later went online and saw that any or all of your top-level domains are available for purchase.

He buys all of your brand associated domain names and starts writing defamatory stories about your brand using personal information.

If Domain is booked with your brand name keyword, then it would help it to rank better on your brand name search results on Google.

As you might have little or no competition over your brand name search results.

So, whenever people will search your brand name they will see all those framed stories by your employees that will completely change their mindset about your brand.

Therefore this is the very first step we recommend to our clients who come to us to remove negative Google search results.

To make sure their search results are complete in their control and not anyone else.

Brand Name Acquisition Across Social Media Platforms is Important to remove negative Google search results

One of the other best options to improve the brand presence over search results & to remove negative google search results is to acquire your brand name across social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, tumbler, WordPress, Slideshare and many more.

Why it is important?

Well like Domains, Social media platforms also give you unique URLs which is also very important. 

In case if you are looking forward to removing negative google search results because top-level domains may acquire only the first fold of the search result pages.

whereas social media listing pages will help you brand your search results. A strong social media presence will also act like a protection shield that won’t allow any other consumer generated content to rank easily on the first page of Google. 

Unless the authority of the publishing site is very high that can outrank your newly built web assets.

Fake Reviews VS Real Reviews

Google is becoming smarter and smarter day by day. Gone are the days when anyone can trick their system to get a 5-star rating using paid or other fake review gathering methods.

Being a reputation management India firm, where our major task is to remove negative Google search results, we are completely against posting fake reviews which is not even completely unethical but increases several risks to your online web presence.

There are hundreds of sites selling fake review posting services and businesses that are using them increases the risk of getting their local business listing banned on Google.

The motive of having a Google listing is not simply having a good star rating but also letting people know where your business is located.

If your listing is banned by Google for opting unethical ways to increase good reviews and 5-star ratings then their system will flag you and can get you banned completely.

We highly recommend posting true reviews from real customers. Which many businesses believe is the toughest task which indeed it is. 

But once you start encouraging your repeat and happy customers to give you ratings on Google then you will see a growth in your customer base.

Google ranks high businesses on local search results that do have more and authentic reviews and ratings.

That’s how you can win the game by encouraging your real customers to rate you online on your Google business listing.

One of the easiest ways to encourage your customers is by sending them a link via email, messenger apps or via direct mail.

In exchange for review, you can offer them discount coupons to your or their other favorite online store like amazon.

This the most effective part of building the brand although this might not actually help in the process to remove negative google search results but certainly improves your credibility score.

The Best Ways to Bury Negative Search Results

The first and foremost step before initializing a systematic process to remove negative google search results it is important to identify what kind of negative search result is ranking on Google for your brand or name search result.

This is the key factor, which is required to be analyzed as there are many types of sites that can rank high with defamatory posts or reviews and can disturb your online reputation management.

Here in this blog post, we have discussed our ripoff report removal service

First Step:- After analyzing the site and the negative content from google search, which you are looking forward to removing. 

You need to make sure you have all the top level domains registered with your brand name. 

This is the base to start the process to suppress negative search results completely from Google results for your most associated keyword search searches.

Second Step:- Hire a Content writer and Post at-least 5-10 articles enriched and well optimized with your brand or personal name keyword on each site.

This will have a broad chance for your site pages to rank and grab the positions on the first 10 spots of Google search results where the defamatory listing is sabotaging your online reputation.

Third Step – Acquire social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, etc. All you will be required to do is to build these web assets. Publish as much as real or positive content about yourself or your business. 

Opting press release distribution will be an added advantage for broad search presence.

This will not only help with building the shield on search results for your brand name but also increases the chance to remove negative google search results more effectively .

fourth step – Stable ranking on Google requires good backlinks. All you will be required to post more useful content on your niche specific websites with linking back your developed social media and domain content.

You will also be required to perform outdated content removal from your network of websites or social media.

This will not only improve your web assets ranking on search results but will help with improving your brand image & remove negative google search results itself.

Fifth Step – Continue with the Content posting Process across your all developed web assets and developing backlinks.

The overall process may take months but remember you are building a shield around your brand name search results. 

That will not only outrank or remove negative google search results but also help you with avoiding such situations in the future.

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Conclusion – You might have observed while reading the above content that it is important to protect your online reputation by acquiring web assets and building content around them. 

Once you have a good content build around your brand name it will be less required to completely remove negative google search results. 

As consumer-generated content will have very less chances to enter into the first 10 spots of your brand or personal name search results.

If you need any free consultation to remove negative google search results then please use the web form on the right corner of this blog post to connect with the reputation management company. 

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