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State of Reputation Management in India

The ecosystem for online reputation management India is still in its emerging state. 

Popularity on Social media plays an important role in the Indian market, it’s mostly considered as the benchmark of an excellent brand reputation for both individuals & businesses.

Amazon & Flipkart are two big e-commerce players in India. These sites do also maintain a review & rating system for products that are sold on their platform. 

In India, We don’t have Yelp or Angie’s list, So How about finding reviews & ratings for any business or consultant before hiring them? The answer is Google Local Search listings.

GMB or Google my Business platform connects local searchers with consultants and vendors in the local area. Searchers can post reviews & give ratings on business listings according to their experience. 

What is Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a process of controlling & Influencing People’s opinion online for an individual, business, product or service ”

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Our parents & grandparents have always maintained diaries for keeping records of phone numbers and addresses of relatives and other important people. We, humans, are bad at remembering phone numbers, email addresses, Website URLs, and even names of people. 

Smartphones have resolved this problem up to a certain extent, but what about people or businesses with whom we have had little interaction? 

Google Search is the place, that is used extensively to perform a simple background check on individuals or businesses before conducting an online or in-person meeting.

The 10 web listings that appear on Google after searching for any person or company name decide their credibility.

Consider Online Reputation Management as an opportunity for individuals & businesses. Build a strong online brand presence, that can impress searchers with your relevant & fresh information.

Reputation Management India Services – Best Fit For…

If you are an individual who is active on Social Media then you are already in the reputation management game as your social media actions describe you as a person considering what you share & whom you follow.

But professional online reputation management is not for everyone, as it’s an expensive service and only useful for people with large sized following or customer base. 

Following are some categories for whom reputation management services in India can be beneficial in terms of incorporating it with the digital marketing efforts. 

Reputation management for Consultants

Consultant Reputation Management India for Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Interior designers, Matchmaker, Dietician, Photographer, Wedding Planner, Makeup Artist

Under this category, I consider Self-employed Professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Interior designers, matchmakers, dieticians, Photographer, Wedding Planner, Makeup Artist, etc.

In India these consultants use digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) to attract potential online customers.

When every consultant opts for the same kind of online marketing technique, it becomes difficult for customers to choose the right one. 

Incorporating online reputation management can make it easy for Indian consultants to build authority in the digital marketplace. 

Professionally organized Location Citation, Review & Social Media Management Services can Revamp the web presence of an ordinary consultant to a professional ‘Brand’. 

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Political Reputation management

Political Reputation management India for Politicians & Ministers

The Internet has become an indispensable marketing channel for Politicians. A recent study shows people in India spend more than 6 hrs of their daily time browsing the internet out of which the share of time spent on social media is more than 2 hrs 25 minutes daily. 

I have been designing Political Marketing Campaigns for over a decade now. It’s a completely Different niche of internet marketing

Directly or indirectly the objective of every political campaign is positioned to connect & nurture the mindset of existent and first-time voters in the constituency with the Ideology of the Political Party & the contribution of the politician within the Society.  

Online Reputation Management is an inseparable service for Politicians who hold Minister Position in the Govt.

These Politicians hire PR (public relation) agencies like us to expand their digital reach, tracking their name mentions across social media platforms, analyzing public sentiments, Replying to public comments & responding to opponent’s tweets & trolls. 

Not Only Social Media but developing an entire digital ecosystem for the Politician is a part of Political reputation management.

Under which Social media accounts are acquired, Official Website & Microblogs are developed to enhance the web presence of the politician. 

Disaster management is a part of Political reputation management campaigns in India, which is Pushed aggressively in cases when the media starts trolling or misquoting the politician’s remarks. 

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Reputation management for Small Businesses

Small Business Reputation Management India for Travel Agencies, Used Car Dealers, Restaurants, Marriage Gardens, Movers & Packers, Gymnasiums, Pet Grooming Services, Advertising & designing firms, Auto Repairs

Under this category, I consider Travel Agencies, Used Car Dealers, Restaurants, Marriage Gardens, Movers & Packers, Gymnasiums, Pet Grooming Services, Advertising & designing firms, Auto Repairs, etc

Like Consultants, Small businesses in India heavily use digital marketing to attract customers in the local area using services like SEO, PPC, Online Directory listings, etc.

We offer Online Reputation Management India Services for Small Business that helps them get connected with local clients and establishing themselves as the most trusted vendor in the marketplace. 

This is done by understanding the mindset of their targeted customers & designing the entire digital marketing campaign in a way that can showcase the vendor as the most trusted and experienced service provider in the local area for the requirement of the targeted customers.

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Enterprise Reputation management 

Enterprise Reputation management India for Banks & Insurance Companies, Real Estate Developers, Food & Beverages Companies, Automobile Manufacturers, Export Firms, Online Ordering & delivery Platforms, Ecommerce Companies

I have been really fortunate that Some of the biggest names in the Indian Corporate segment trusted me to design & operate online reputation management campaigns for their brands.

Under this category, I consider enterprises who are serving in B2C Segment, Example – Banks & Insurance Companies, Real Estate Developers, Food & Beverages Companies, Automobile Manufacturers, Export Firms, Online Ordering & delivery Platforms, Ecommerce Companies, etc. 

Enterprises are big businesses with millions of customers nationwide.

Hence it becomes very important to keep an eagle eye on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for the quick redressal of Customers’ queries & conflict. 

For New Product Launches, Online Reputation Management Campaigns are designed to Influence the targeted Customers that can help them taking the buying decisions. 

Every Industry & its Clients act differently and therefore We offer tailored made enterprise reputation management solutions to Corporates in India 

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Reputation Management Pricing

It’s an irony that there is a huge variation that can be seen in the pricing for reputation management campaigns offered by PR Firms in India. Just Perform a Google Search with terms like “reputation management cost India” etc.

I always consider that professionally executed reputation management services are not for everyone because it takes a lot of understanding & analytics, which is a prerequisite for designing a superb reputation management campaign for any Consultant, SMB, or enterprise. 

Our Online reputation management services in India can be categorized into the following Segments.

Brand Building

This Service comprises acquiring Social media accounts & developing Local Citations for the Client. 

Designing Cover Pages & Display Pictures of Social Media in Sync with Client’s Brand Identity.

On Daily or Weekly Basis, Developing Content in the Format of Text / Image / Audio – Video & Scheduling them to post across all acquired Social Media Accounts for maximum reach to the Followers. 

Upgrading & amplifying the Client’s Web network by developing new blogs & microsites that are specially designed & search engine optimized to rank high on brand name associate keywords on Google. 

Incorporating Review Management tools for Google my Business Listings, So that Client’s Business collect reviews from Local Customers & Step ahead to become a trustworthy brand Name in the Local Marketplace.

Pricing  Starts from 1 Lac Per Month for Consultants / 5 Lac/Month for SMB / 10 Lac/Month for Corporates

reputation management India Pricing

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Reputation Management FAQs

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Can You Remove Negative Press articles from Search Results?

Yes! In case if they are defamatory in nature, else we have proven in-house developed reputation management strategies available to push down the negative press to lower search result pages.

How Much Do you Charge for Online Reputation Management for Overseas Clients?

The Pricing for our reputation management campaigns completely depends on the requirement of the client’s campaign. For an idea, the Online Reputation Management Pricing Starts at $10,000 Monthly

How long online reputation management campaign takes?

We accept clients with a minimum of 6 months Contract as online reputation management takes time to reflect results on the Google Searches.

Can I Hire a Lawyer to Perform the take-down task?

Certainly, but Court Procedures are lengthy, Costlier, and Comes with no Certainty of having the final Order in Your favor.

Who Approves the Content before Publishing on Social Media or Micro Sites?

The client or their Webmaster team approves the content before my team schedules them for distribution on social media or micro sites. Nothing goes online without the client’s approval.

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