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Reputation Online Management

Here in this article, we will be discussing reputation online management and the services that will help you build an online strong web presence.

Smart mobile phones have completely changed the way of Internet browsing. Nowadays anyone with a smartphone and internet connectivity can easily conduct a Google search to Grab the desired information.

Ironically a major portion of traffic for Google search is now also coming from smartphones that are internet enabled.

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What is reputation online management ?

In simple words, the information which reflects after conducting  Google search with a personal name or business brand name is considered as your online persona.

The information which is represented on search results in a format of search listings builds positive, negative or neutral perception about yourself or your brand in the mind of search user looking forward to more information.

The process of keeping the information available on search results updated and inaccurate along with somewhat managed is called reputation online management.

The importance of ORM

The concept of reputation online management came into existence a long time back; its importance was realized majorly after the 2008 economic recession.

Many financial Institutions broking firms or investment bankers started hiring reputation online managers to eliminate or control negative information.

Back then it was somehow easy to manipulate Google search results with bombarding tons of articles but nowadays it is a daunting task.

Building a strong web presence is the foundation of building a Rock-solid online reputation.

If you are someone who is carelessly managing its reputation then there are chances that search engines might have crawled and started showing inaccurate information about you or your brand over search results.

There can be devastating outcomes of having badly managed online reputation, in many cases, we have seen with our client where people have started connecting them with some criminals due to having similar names for which court orders or negative articles started appearing for personal name Google search results.

Reputation online management is the need of today for every individual or brand who is concerned about what Public Information is available to read about them online.

Basics of reputation online management

You have learned in the previous section of this article that there is an importance of a strong web presence to control What appears online over search results for your personal name or brand-related searches.

In this section, we will teach you the basics of building a strong reputation online management.

Google works on several algorithms but the most basic algorithm is to serve the relevant search results for a given Query.

To maintain the relevancy, you will be required to use relevant personal or brand name while acquiring the social media accounts, domain names and writing the content.

This basic relevancy factor will increase the chance of web assets to rank high on Google results for associate person or brand name.

The most important factor which is required to keep in mind is that you are not going to just fill in the search results with keyword-stuffed content but you are building your online persona that will further help people to gain accurate and updated information about you.

The most basic tip that we give to our clients is to use a service called Google alerts that will help them track what is being published online with their name or their brand name. This is a free service from Google.

If you are working professional then having an updated LinkedIn profile is a prerequisite for having a nicely managed online reputation.

For businesses, we always recommend registering top-level domains with the company name and later host them with a nicely written blog or website.

Having registered with online directories and yellow pages also increases your chance of having updated and accurate information propagated online about your personal or professional brand.

Benefits of reputation online management

learn the key benefits of reputation online management

As we have already discussed in this article, it’s a need and not an option to have a strong orm presence.

In this section, we will discuss what are the key benefits of having a Proactive reputation online management. 

Build Credibility

Nowadays people using Google search as a background checking tool and if you are someone who is Managing your online web presence in a way which is serving the most accurate and updated information across your acquired social media accounts and other web assets including websites or blogs then there is a big chance that the resources will start appearing on Google search results for associated personal or professional brand name search results through which people can drive a positive perception. 

Fighting online defamation

 if you have good dominance over Google search results for your professional or personal brand name then it might also act as a firewall to protect your online persona against negative or defamatory information. Your online web presence along with reputation online management will keep the negative or defamatory listings outranked and that is how people looking at your Google search results will never be able to see & read Such negative information published about you.

Increase your chances

By saying this we mean in a lot of ways reputation online management can help you to increase your chances personally as well as professionally. For example, people always Google other people before going for a date but if you have a nicely managed Facebook profile then it will help you get more people appearing on dates. Professionally HR managers always look up to the online presence of candidates applying for the job and it has been observed that people with badly managed online profiles are not called for interviews. For business owners reputation online management is the key to increasing sales and attracting more customers because that is the first impression that people can drive without meeting them in person or buying their product or services.

How reputation online management works in a disaster management situation

Social media platforms that include Facebook Twitter YouTube works on consumer-generated media or content. 

We are taking a hypothetical example where you or your brand is under public attack and people have started considering yourself or your brand what a majority of people say about you online on these social media platforms.

This is considered as the most horrifying online reputation damaged condition where things are considered going out from your hands. 

Even at that level of a reputation disaster situation, there are few ORM tactics that work fine and gradually help to control the reputation online management situation. 

We recommend this level of consulting to our corporate clients, those are someone who cannot take the risk as a single trace of negative information can lead to million-dollar losses. 

But we have seen reputation damage situations worsen if the basics are not followed. Therefore we always advocate having acquired all possible social media handles and top-level domains so that chances of misuse can be avoided. 

Not only corporations but small size businesses can become victims of online defamation that can lead to severe business damages losing trust among existing customers so on and so forth. 

Dealing with this magnitude of reputation disaster can only be managed by incorporating top-notch reputation management companies. 

How SEO is different from ORM

comparing search engine optimization vs reputation online management

Many people consider SEO and ORM to be somewhat similar to each other. But actually the entire process of conducting Search Engine Optimization and reputation management having a big difference.

On one hand where Search Engine Optimisation is about optimizing a single website for ranking over Google top search results for single or set of keywords. 

Whereas on the other hand reputation online management is a process of establishing a strong web presence utilizing social media platforms and search result branding so that people who are curious to find more information can easily get the most accurate or updated information. 

Moreover, you can consider Search Engine Optimisation as a Sab part of the process which is known as reputation online management.

Especially the search branding part that directly deals with the development of websites blogs and other branding content which is further search engine optimized to rank higher on the brand name or the personal name on Google search results. 

On-page and off-page optimization of SEO is an integrated part or backbone of reputation online management.

How to find an ethical reputation online management company

Executing any process perfectly seeks adequate experience and when it comes to building an online persona for your company or personal brand you need a professional. 

Unfortunately like other web-based services the industry of reputation online management is filled with individuals or companies who are only selling empty promises and running away with client’s money. 

Many clients have explained to us how the previous company stole their hard-earned money and never delivered the promised results.

We have figured out a formula that can help you to select an authentic reputation management India company that can deliver desired results to you.

There are some criteria that we believe can play an instrumental role to select the best service provider

  1. Pricing

    It is required to be understood that reputation online management is not a cheap service as it involves the acquisition of multiple web assets domain names along with hosting charges and content development fees. Practically incorporating and conducting that magnitude of services together may never come under the bracket of a few hundred dollars. Realistic pricing for an average reputation online management campaign can start from a few thousand dollars for a period of 3 to 6 months. 

  2. Complete Removal

    Many companies or individuals who are facing defamatory issues over search engine results pages easily fall for reputation online management companies that make promises to delete the controversial content from the publishing website itself. Sometimes through legal methods, any publishing site can withdraw or delete the article but there are laws that further protect review websites from deleting the content that is contributed by their users.

  3. Guaranteed Results

    we always recommend opting reputation online management company that offers a money back guarantee. This is also required to be understood that search results are controlled by search engine companies and therefore offering complete guarantee may sound unethical. For example, it may sound similar to what if a doctor gives you medicine and guarantees that you will recover for sure.

Along with many ethical reputation online management firms will never share their past client results with you due to privacy reasons or NDA. 

Why you should hire us to perform the task

Hire reputation online management company

Negative outdated or controversial search listings appearing on your top search results build the wrong perception in the mind of people using Google search engine to find more information about you or your business brand.

It does not only dilute your internet image but if it is about your business then it may lead to CVR losses and distrust among existing customers.

As a reputation online management company. We have been clearing defamatory listings from search results for individuals businesses and corporate clients since 2012.

We have even cleared 8 negative search listings for a financial institution that was the most difficult task as a negative percentage over the search results was exceeding 80%

To be straight forward the cost of our reputation online Management Service is comparatively on the higher side. We also offer a partial money-back guarantee.

The deformity articles listings that we have suppressed for our clients never came back on the front page even after years. But we never sell our reputation online Management Service as a permanent solution for clearing defamatory listings from search results.

As far as the cost of building online personal is concerned it cost comparatively Less than the cost of removing a defamatory listing from search results

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