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Ripoff Report Removal Service – DIY Guide

Why Ripoff Report Removal Service is a Complex Process? – Deleting something like a ripoff report is not an easy task in fact it’s near to impossible and here is the checklist that you need to review before hiring anyone for the task.

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First Read the FAQs Related to Ripoff Report Removal Service

An in depth blog post revealing top notch tips and tricks works behind the highly paid ripoff report removal service

Can You Remove Ripoff Report Completely?

No !! Once you have a report listed about you on the ripoff report website you cannot delete it, even the person who posted the report cannot delete it once it is approved and live on the ripoff report website.

But yes there are ways to delete the listing from Search Engines if they pass a certain set of merits. So anyone who is claiming to remove the listing directly from the site is a fraud, the only person who can remove the listing directly from the site is its owner.

Why Ripoff Report Listings Rank High on Google?

An increase in CTR (Click through rate) is responsible for ROR listings to rank high.

This is in fact strange but some people who have gone through the process of searching for ripoff report removal service to de-index or suppress their ripoff report listing have observed that while inviting quotes their respective ROR listings have gained search ranking.

The most reasonable factor for this change is when you give details of your ripoff report listing for ripoff report removal service firms that they click on your ROR listing on search results that apparently give increases the CTR (click-thru rate) which is an admissible factor for having ranking improved over search result pages.

How to Respond RipoffReport Complaints?

Ripoff reports always encourage people to file the rebuttal on their complaint post to tell their side of the story about the issue reported on the ROR site.

Which in many sense is quite an obvious thing that many people would like to do in the first place to make sure people get the exact information about what went wrong and why the ripoff report complaint post is telling the half-truth.

Whereas from the point of view of search engine optimization adding any content to the complaint post will benefit its ranking factors and people have observed that after having the rebuttal content live on their complaint post on ripoff report site their associated post has improved ranking on search engines.

Such practice makes the overall ripoff report removal service complex because in many cases, the ranking of the ripoff report post has outranked the official website and other social media assets of the associate brand on search engines.

If you are someone who has filled the rebuttal on their listing then there is a valid chance that you will be going to pay more money to the reputation management firm that will perform the ripoff report removal service for you.

Approaching ROR itself to conduct the Ripoff report removal service.

It is difficult to find a reliable solutions when it comes to ripoff report removal service

Many of our reputation management clients who came to us for ripoff report removal service have tried to contact the ripoff report website itself to conduct the removal of their complaint report published on the ROR site.

First of all ripoff report removal service from the ROR site itself does not accept the removal of the post completely they might offer you their own set of services that can help you tell the world your side of the story by filling the rebuttal on the associate ripoff report removal listing.

Which in our opinion is not the best solution as it may increase the ranking of the associate ripoff report listing on search engines.

Even the consumer advocacy program of Ripoff Report may be helpful for those who have no problem in investing heavy money to allow ripoff report investigate the problem like a middle man and republish the complaint report with edits based on the out of their investigation.

In both of the scenarios, the ripoff report is not going to delete the listing from their website and in fact, the associate complaint listing will remain live on their website forever.

There is a reason for this, Ripoff report earns a significant amount from Google Adsense and other advertisements on their complaint pages that grab a lot of traffic by ranking on search engines for brand and people names.

Removal via Court Order Method

A court order based ripoff report removal service isn't working these days as people start sending forged court orders to Google to perform the de-indexing

Another option people think of for ripoff report removal service is to sue the ROR site. But most of them are not aware of a Federal Law Called Communication Decency Act 47 U.S.C. § 230.

What is Communication Decency Act

US law Communication Decency Act 47 U.S.C. § 230 says that “websites are not responsible or cannot be held liable legally for the content that is posted on their platform by their users, as it represents the opinion of that particular user but not the website itself”

A Simple Example – Facebook cannot be held liable for the status posted by its user on FB wall, even if it’s defamatory in nature. But yes there are tools to take down such content if it’s objectionable of a high magnitude.

In the recent past, People have started approaching the courts to get the takedown orders to have their ripoff report listing completely removed or de-indexed from Google.

But recently Google has stopped entertaining such court orders as many reputation management firms have filled the forged the court orders to Google to have their client’s Ripoff report listing URLs de-indexed.

Even Ripoff Report has played smartly to deal with the search engine takedown situation. They have re-posted the same content on their website with making a slight difference in the URL slug.

For example, if the URL Slug /abc-inc-2323.html is de-indexed by a search engine then they have re-posted the complaint content on a new URL slug-like /abc-inc-2323.html with making 302 redirects on old URL.

Even some reputation management firms have tried filling the forged Copyright infringement Appeal (DMCA) against ripoff report to Google saying that ROR has sealed the content from their website.

DMCA technique worked well initially but Google realized that people are tricking the DMCA system to get the ROR pages de-indexed.

On the other hand, as soon as the page was getting de-indexed ROR was re-posting the same complaint content on their website with a new URL slug.

So the moral of the story is the Court way having ripoff report removal service done is an obsolete procedure now.

Can You Perform the ripoff report removal service Yourself?

Learn How to Conduc the process yourself

There are certain valid merits where search engines allow and accept removal requests from an individual, if your ripoff report listing falls in any of the following categories of cases then you might ask Google directly to take down the objectionable content .

  • Acceptable Methods to Execute Ripoff report removal service
    • There are few instantly approved merits that Google entertains for removing not only the ripoff report but any website’s listing that violates their guidelines. Some of the objectionable content that is instantly approved by Google for removal are as follows
      • Social security number – if someone has posted your social security number on any website including a ripoff report then you are entitled to receive an instant removal request approved by the search giant.
      • Bank Account Number – Like social security number Google takes the request for removing content from their search result pages reflecting your bank account number seriously.
      • Medical Records – If your ripoff report listing has your medical records published on their post pages then you can report it to Google & they will ask ROR to remove the medical records from their pages of will take down the listing from their search result pages.
      • Signature image – if someone has uploaded the image of your signature with the ripoff report then you can directly report it to Google’s takedown the page where they either ask ROR to remove the objectionable image or de-index the listing.

You can directly ask the search giant Google to remove other valid objectionable content like your stolen copyrighted images, pornographically photoshopped images, etc.

For other complex situation you will be required a professional ripoff report removal service to executive the process for you …

Tips to Block Sites like Ripoff Report Rank High for Your Brand or Personal Name on Search Engine Result Pages

first of all Why you listen to us? We are the oldest search engine optimization firm working since 2003, we have seen and worked with Google updates.

Therefore, we completely understand and comply with webmaster guidelines and term of use prescribed by the search giant Google.

Since 2009, We are performing the online reputation management task where a majorly ripoff report removal service is requested by our clients.

We believe in educating our clients and letting them know about the limitation of having anything removed online.

We believe there are many loopholes in the law and system that helps like ripoff report tricking the entire system and have the same content on different URL slug pages.

We believe an average internet user must make sure that Google search results should reflect the accurate and update information about them.

If this is about your business then you must acquire your brand name across all social media platforms and top-level domain names.

These are some basic ripoff report removal service practices that one must perform to make sure their online search reputation is well shielded.

But acquiring the web assets with a brand or personal name is just the beginning of the game.

if you are looking forward to avoiding a situation like hiring someone to perform the ripoff report removal service then the best thing that you can do is to start a blog.

A well-written blog can help you build your own brand and also blog pages are more frequently indexed by search engines that will help you get your search results for the brand and personal name filled with listing that is controlled by your owned web assets.

Do You Want to Hire us to Perform the Removal Services for Your Company or Brand – Read the FAQs

In case if you want to hire us or inquire about the process to remove negative google search results process that includes the ripoff report removal service then this section of this blog post will answer your queries.

  • Qualify to be a Client
    • May sound a bit arrogant but we do not accept just any client willing to spend thousands of dollars to hire us for ripoff report removal service.
    • As we have observed that many business owners believe that removing anything from the internet is an easy task and can be done overnight, whereas it’s not.
    • Secondly, many businesses who are willing to wait for the quoted time frame do not have the budget and in both to the cases performing the ripoff report removal service is not possible.
  • Removal is not possible every-time
    • As we have discussed in this blog post that having the ripoff report removed from the search engine is a difficult task and majorly based on its legal merits that are clearly described by search engines and only feasible if they are falling under the required metrics of removal.
  • Brand Building & Search Result Protection
    • We majorly focus on building the brand over search result pages, which means the web assets that rank high on the keywords that are associated with the brand or business name must be controlled by the brand itself and that’s how the ripoff report removal service is executed.
    • This will have significant advantages and will act as a shield of listings over search result pages that won’t allow any other listing to enter into the first 2 search result pages for the brand or company’s top exec name search results.
    • This is the process being used by top companies who always want to make sure that their search engines reflect the information that they want to deliver to their audience, not the consumer-generated media.
  • Price / Process / Delivery & Guarantee
    • Our work methodology is different. We help brands with increasing the percentage of positive & useful information, letting them project their best work in front of the search audience, who are willing to know more about their brand.
    • This is the process by default reduces the importance of websites like ripoff report that might be telling untrue false story published by their users who might be a competing firm, ex-employee or someone doing paid defamation.
    • Whereas the process is being concerned, every client situation is different and therefore the associate reputation management process is different. Like if you are someone approaching us to perform the ripoff report removal service then your work process and its delivery will be different from our other clients who hired us to remove or suppress negative search results like news articles or personal blogs.
    • Along with that, the age of published content plays an important role while quoting the price for the reputation management India campaign, if the content is very new then there are chances that it might be cleared in less time but if the report is very old then might take a good time to push down the listing from search engines.
    • On Calls the first thing business owners ask is about the pricing of having the ripoff report removal service, which is completely difficult for us to quote without seeing the ROR listing, the brand search competition over search results or knowing what is already been done or how long the defamatory listing ranking on the search results. But for an idea, our pricing starts from $15000 (fifteen thousand US dollars)

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