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How to Suppress Negative Search Results

This blog post is a detailed walk-through on how to enhance your personal and professional brand presence over search results while conducting the process to suppress negative search results.

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Search engines like Google runs over hundreds of algorithm to produce the most accurate, fresh and sometimes personalized search results.

It is my observation, Google gives an immense importance to consumer generated content and therefore review sites ranks high for brand name related search results.

Big Problem – It is hard to remove defamatory content from review sites as they are protected under section 230 of communication decency act and therefore in this article, we will learn to suppress negative search results appearing high for your personal or brand name search results.

Get Alerts With Web Monitoring

People usually do not Google themselves every day and which is in my humble opinion is a boring process until we can make it interesting.

I always recommend my clients to keep an eye on what’s appearing on Google for their personal and brand name searches.

Hence, it’s not easy so I recommend them using a free service called Google Alert

This free web monitoring service from Google will send you an email notification as soon as their crawler indexes any content with your particular keyword is mentioned.

You can use this alert keyword as your name, your business name even competitor’s brand name – just to keep an eye on what they are up to. So that in case if you find anything defamatory posted about your brand then you can plan your action to suppress negative search results.

Somebody Defamed You, What to do Next

Learn How to Deal with Online Defamation before You Start to Suppress Negative Search Results

So, now you have Google alert service tracking the entire web with your name or company associated postings.

We are here imagining a situation, where you got an email alert from Google that an article or review about you of defamatory nature is posted on a review website.

The first step needs to be incorporate, without getting panic is to start reviewing your Google results from different devices like desktop, laptop, mobile phones, etc

I always recommend our clients to use Google’s ads preview tool, which is primarily being used to diagnose the position of paid google ads but gives an accurate picture of how Google search results are reflecting from different countries using different devices.

This will help you planning a sound strategy to suppress negative search results to beat the sites that are ranking high for your brand or personal name search results.

CAUTION – Those who are aware of the metrics of CTR (Click through rate) can understand this formula. In simple words, do not click the listing over search results, which is reflecting negative information about you, it might boost its ranking.

Thinking of Suing? Wait…

Learn Why I always recommend going to traditional way to suppress negative search results over legal methods

The majority of our clients have called their lawyers immediately after they confirm of realizing any defamatory article ranking on Google’s first page for either their brand or personal name related search results.

What I have personally observed that there are multiple loopholes in the process of taking down the controversial content the legal way.

First of all, Court orders are issued for de-indexing specific URLs, Whereas the poster can re-post the same content afterward on several other websites, for which separate takedown court orders will be required to be obtained.

Some consumer-generated content-based review sites like RipoffReport(dot)com seems to be involved in re-posting the same de-indexed content on slightly modified URLs on their website with incorporating 302 redirect SEO techniques in order to make sure the ranking of their de-indexed listings are replaced promptly with URL.

I have written a complete blog post dedicated on my ripoff report removal service, where I have explained every possible segment of taking down defamatory content from this review site.

Not to forget, the legal way of getting the controversial or defamatory content removed from the internet is the costliest way with having any guarantee of having the job done.

That’s why the method to suppress negative search results is considered as the top notch way to clear the negative search results.

Starting the Process to Suppress Negative Search Results

The first step towards initializing the process is to make a list of web assets owned by you or your company for which you are going to fix the reputation online management issues.

The intrusion of any negative listing within the first Google search result page is a sign of weak online presence that means acquired domain names or social media accounts have not been optimized with proper content that firmly ranks them high on Google results for an associate brand or personal name searches.

The first step towards starting the process to suppress negative google search results is to add quality content to your existing web assets. Like if you already do have websites then launch a separate blog on sub-domain (

You can use WordPress as CMS to launch your blog and this will increase the possibilities of having your blog listings ranks high if they are well written and SEO optimized.

Similar way, Social media accounts are required to be properly optimized with good posts and content so that their relevancy increases with the keyword for which you are willing to rank them high & Suppress Negative Search Results.

Build the Brand to Suppress Negative Search Results

Sometimes the process to suppress negative search results are turned out to be blessings for People who might have ignored the value of having a good brand presence over search result pages.

Businesses try to focus on acquiring the .com version of a domain name for their web presence but to remove negative google search results you will be required a broad presence of your brand, hence I always advise my clients to acquire all the TLDs (top-level-domain-names)

Acquiring the TLDs also eliminates the chances of having them acquired by someone else for misuse.

Similarly, Social Media Accounts with Brand Name URLs are something that I always recommend acquiring. For example

Even acquiring a brand name account on Video Hosting Sites like Youtube is beneficial as it allows you uploading the Videos that increase a lot of brand value to the process to suppress negative search results.

Sites like Slideshare helps with sharing power-point presentations & brochure whereas LinkedIn can immensely increase your chances of networking with other professionals in the same field or hiring.

These web assets are required to be well optimized with content to make sure they start ranking for your associate brand or personal name search results on Google to suppress negative search results .

Stable Ranking is the Shield

The purpose of creating this network of highly optimized web assets is not only to suppress the negative search results but also to build an online shield to make sure that in near future your online search reputation may not get compromised easily.

In order to make sure that the created web assets rank stable over targeted brand name search results this is required to understand that its not a one time process.

Remember the starting note of this blog ” Google loves fresh content ” and yes you will also be required to add fresh content to your developed set of web assets so that Google always consider them as an important part of your internet web presence & ranks them high for your brand name search results.

Networking is also very important for the stable ranking of developed web assets, but this has to be done very carefully & organically as it should never pass any signal to Google crawlers that you are trying to build backlinks to boost ranking else you might start losing rankings as a penalty.

” I personally never believed in developing backlinks, seriously !! My developed set of sites ranks organically without any backlink & have suppress negative search results with many renowned brand names listings – We will discuss this later in some other blog post “

Top-Notch Branding to Suppress Negative Search Results

Apart from creating the web network of websites owned by you to suppress negative search results you can additionally use third part high authoritative sites to enhance your brand presence.

The first option that comes into this category is press release websites. Here I’m talking about high authoritative sites like Huffington Post, forbes, etc

Incorporating a Press release distribution of this magnitude, you are required to contact the writers of these News websites and tell them What you are doing best in your niche and why they should write a story on you.

Frankly speaking, this in-fact not an easy task, if you are thinking of offering them money to write an article then drop the idea as they do not accept money in exchange for mentioning you on such high reputed websites.

Try to offer them information about yourself or your brand which they might find great to write an article about you and that’s how you will have more chances to suppress negative search results easily with having an article posted on such reputed site.

How Much Does it Cost

Learn How Much does it Cost to Suppress negative search results

Before discussing the costing part, it needs to be understood that suppressing something from the Google search result is more difficult than ranking high any website.

The entire process to suppress negative search results is an on-going process.

Here is the Sample Calculation of a Campaign Cost to Suppress a negative listing from Google search result for a single keyword Search Result.

  • Setup Cost – $1500 Approx
    • Eight Domain Names With Privacy- $100 Approx Per Year
    • 8 Hosting for Each Domain ($5/Domain/Mon) – Approx $480
    • WordPress Installation – Free
    • WordPress theme $50 Per Site – Approx $400
    • Brand Name Acquisition Across Social Media Platforms – $500
  • Websites Initial Content Development Cost
    • Cost Per Article – $250 (1500 Words)
    • Article Per Site – 3 Articles Per Month for 8 Sites
    • Monthly Cost – $6000 (For Three Months)
  • Social Media Branding Development Cost
    • Facebook / 5 Posts = $500
    • Slideshare / 2 Presentations = $100
    • Youtube 1 Minute Videos = $1000 Each
    • Press Release Distribution = $2000

Above is the sample calculation for creating a network of the website to Suppress negative search results. Costing for fixing a seriously damaged may be charged differently by reputation management India.

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Closing Notes

Start building an online personal & professional persona before you come under any unfortunate attack of online defamation. People believes what they read about you or your business online and therefore don’t let others decide, who you are and what you have achieved personally and professionally.

Once you come under any defamation attack, be calm understand the situation completely and do not try to negotiate with anyone in exchange of money .

Accept the fact, the process to suppress negative search results from Google is an on-going, difficult & costly procedure, which further requires deep understanding & experience on how search engines works & therefore don’t fall for easy & cheap cost based techniques that might end up complicating your situation to worse.

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